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Born and raised in the good ol’ midwest of the USA, my favorite activities as a child were always drawing and painting.  Looking back, I realize that even then I most often drew imaginary storybook scenes, characters and animals….like, All. The. Time.  My worst punishment for bad behavior was no crayons!  Following in the footsteps of many generations of artists in my family, after high school, I went off to university to study for a B.A. in Art.  Illustrating a children’s book was a beautiful, constant, but far off dream.  Upon graduation and after a handful of years of working in business administration, a job I fell into because I wasn’t sure how to make “art” a career at the time, along with a move overseas to Dubai, I was finally inspired to pursue my dreams of an artistic career.

I started my freelance career designing wedding stationery in 2009, all the while furthering my graphic design skills through additional coursework and self-study.  During that time I also began to design logos for many wedding industry colleagues and their businesses, which I found a lot of satisfaction in, so I worked really hard to educate myself on brand strategizing in additional to graphic design.  Natalie Merheb Design was founded in 2o10.  Specializing in branding and web design, Natalie Merheb Design has become a go-to brand strategy and design expert for small businesses, startups, and creative entrepreneurs worldwide.

After the birth of my twin girls in 2014, I was again inspired.  With a heart filled with so much love for my long-awaited premature baby girls, I began illustrating art prints for their bedroom and for other children.  My favorite subjects to draw are animals and whimsical children.  One thing led to another and before I knew what hit me, I decided to pursue my long ago dream of illustrating children’s picture books.  But I wanted to be prepared for it, so that when I took on my first paying client, I knew that I could be completely comfortable in my process and confident that I was producing professional, industry standard work.  I drew daily for nearly two years, researched the industry, pursued professional critiques of my work, joined peer groups, spoke with agents and art directors, and put considerable effort in developing a style that not only came natural to me and that I enjoyed doing, but also a style that was highly sellable in today’s market.  Thanks to my branding experience, I knew that success was all about targeting, reaching and winning my ideal clients.

And so, I have burned all my business suits and no longer own many high heels, but I have never looked back. Creativity truly does inspire more creativity!  I couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead!


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